Rave Against the Machine!

July 16, 2014 | By Marshall Catterson

       In July of 1994 – 20 years ago this summer –  close to 50,000 people marched from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, in the second of three protests against the Criminal Justice Act in the UK. This act sought to ban "raves" of all kinds and basically give police the power to search and shut down anyone and anything that had something to do with our culture. Britain and Europe in general have always been a few steps ahead of us and in this case they really went to bat for Electronic Culture. Just imagine 50,000 ravers marching on city hall and having a huge dance party to say no. Canada had a similar story, although on a smaller scale. In 1999, ravers of Toronto banded together to fight the City's new law basically banning "raves" anywhere within city limits. This movement was called iDance(long before the iphone app or "i" anything, who woulda thunk it eh?) I've compiled some links for those of you want to read up on a little history of "us against them" Cheers and have a safe week, see you all very very soon!



UK Criminal Justice Act

Part 1 video

Part 2 video

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