PSA from the Connect Tribe

June 22, 2015 | By Carver Holinaty

PSA from the Connect Tribe

1. The water at Besant Park & Campground is still not fit for human consumption. It’s important you practice festival smarts (dare we say common sense?) and bring yourself enough drinking water for the weekend - We recommend a gallon per person. Please know that all other smart use of the water out there is fine - ie. showers, cooking, swimming, etc.

2. There always have and always will be Poison Ivy at Besant Park & Campground. No matter what your friends, the stars, the moon, the bushes or the vodka tell you, keep to the trails! This will ensure you have a superior CF20 experience.

3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself - BANNED LIST:
Illegal substances/drugs

The more you know..

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