In the beginning...........

June 12, 2014 | By Marshall Catterson

June 12, 2014

Where it all begins……….

Well Connectors, we just broke 50. As in less than 50 days until festival time. In a little under 7 weeks time the tribes of Saskatchewan and it’s surrounding areas will gather for 72 hours of Music and fellowship under the open sky of Besant Campground for the19th time. Read that again…… the 19th time. This is truly an amazing thing. 19 years of love, blood, sweat, tears, laughs and hugs have carried us to this moment. As we begin to adventure closer to Connect 19, and onto 20, we have been tasked with updating you of goings on and happenings within, and outside of our realm. We will try and give you info and background on our Artists, Vendors, Volunteers and Directors,our history and our future plans, what the world has in store for the Tribe going forward, things you may or may not have known before. We will try and keep you up to date on Connect community events including pre parties, after parties and opportunities to get out and meet and greet with some of the Tribe.

Expect this blog to be updated every 2-3 days from now until festival time. Stop back soon and stop back often, we have a lot to share with you.

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