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  1. Well it's the time of year that everyone waits for....... SUBMISSION TIME!!! No, this doesn't mean we are opening a BDSM club....we want you! The artist, the Dj, the Vj, the Dancer, the body painte...

  2. All Outlets are stocked with CF21Genesis Early Bird Tix! Get the good stuff at any of our official outlets: Regina, SK – Vintage Vinyl Saskatoon, SK – Vinyl Exchange & B...

  3. CF21Genesis Online Early Bird Tix ON SALE now! Let's meet at the beginning..

  4. Things really do get better with age. Did everyone have a stellar time? We hope so.. It’s never easy for us to put our sincere gratitude into words. This year it’s especially difficult because we truly put every piece of ourselves into every aspect of the festival. As time moves forward, we have more to sacrifice: Time taken away from our babies, our families, our friends and our careers. But it’s ALWAYS time made up (and then some) to share lost memories, deep laughs and rocking dance floors with you! A deep and heartfelt thank you goes out to the loving Campbell Family, the talented Artists, the caring Creative Avenue Crew, the creative Vendors, the hardworking Volunteers and you, the crazy party people. Special mention to some standout members of the community - Notown, Monty, Michelle & Randal - Thank you for your selfless contributions to CF20! We kept hearing this rumor that CF20 was the last of Connect Festival? Fuck that! We were the first ones up and we will be the last ones standing - World Domination begins July 29, 2016. Are you with us or against us? Love, Connect Tribe


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