August 4-7, 2017      Besant Campground, Moose Jaw, SK



Saskatchewan's 22nd and Final Electronic & Tribal Music Festival



This is North America’s Original Electronic Music Festival.

On a secluded Saskatchewan hillside from sunset Friday until sunrise Monday, the Tribes of the North and the West will gather for the final time for a flow of positive minds and hypnotic music.

Connect Festival set the scene 22 years ago with international talent and urban culture in a beautiful Southern Saskatchewan setting. Since then, it has grown into Canada’s most illustrious grassroots electronica and alternative culture festivals. People from all walks of life come out and let their hair down.

ter.mi.nus - tərmənəs
1. a final point in space or time
2. the end of a railroad or other transportation route

Line-up 2016

2017 Performers

Dj Dan

     For over 2 decades, DJ Dan has been a leader in the Electronic Dance Music scene. It's tough to say more about DJ Dan than what is most likely known by just about an...


    Bremen’s Bebetta is a playful, colourful and charming personality who likes to inject everything she does with a sense of fun. Her goal is to make people happy away ...

The Freestylers

     After a 15 year career the Freestylers have covered a full 360 degrees in the Bass music genre, having played all the biggest festivals and most talked about nightcl...


     Having been trained as a classical violinist from the age of four, there is no doubt Kytami has mastered her skills on the instrument. Known for creating a musical s...

Father Funk

     Lost in Michael Jackson’s woodland estate young Will Williamson was a happy soul, breast fed and reared by a family of disco Llamas, he’d canter hither a...

Jon Delerious

    Calgary's own Jon Delerious has been a staple in the West coast House music scene since his first 'big' gig in 1992. Since then his production talents have seen him grow into a...


    Deko-ze is the co-owner of Jungle Funk Records with Jerome Robins and has tracks and remixes out on Hotfingers, Milk & Sugar, Deported, Pacha, KULT, Housesession, Vamo...

Jeff Prankev

Jeff Prankev - Saskatoon SK

Jeff Galaxy

        Jeff Galaxy is the Curator and Director of the Connect Festival. Humble roots and an undying love of music have provided the people of the prairies...

    Nick James

        I perform at two distinct event types, clubs and parties/festivals, and the way I approach programming and the style of music varies between the two. I never plan my sets ...

    Paul Who?

        Certified Audio Engineer, DJ and Producer all make Paul the perfect candidate for any situation demanding a talented electronic DJ. With over 13 years of DJ'ing under his ...

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    A selection of tracks by artists performing at Connect Festival 22: Terminus



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