August 1-4, 2014    Besant Campground, Moose Jaw, SK



Saskatchewan's 19th annual electronic & tribal music festival




On a secluded Saskatchewan hillside from the evening of Friday until noon Monday, the tribes of the North and the West will gather for a flow of positive minds and hypnotic music...

Connect Festival started 19 years ago with international talent and urban culture in a beautiful Southern Saskatchewan setting. Since then it has grown into Western Canada's most infamous grassroots electronica and alternative culture festivals. People from all walks of life come out and let their hair down.


2014 Performers

Stacey Pullen

Stacey Pullen is the Kosmik Messenger. An innovator from the Second Wave of Detroit techno, he grew up under the mentorship of Detroit's legendary three: Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin S...

Krafty Kuts

Krafty Kuts is the multi-award winning DJ/producer and the undisputed King of breaks. Acclaimed in the UK, adored in Australia, admired in North America, Krafty is a living legend of electro...

Doc Martin

Doc Martin’s live sets truly bring people together. What makes him so different from the rest? A unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have much depth and meani...


"What a great asset to electronic music, even before the EDM frenzy had been discovered. Dan is a pivotal ingredient to live DJing and production, a real teacher to all." -DJ Sneak


Hobos are wanderers - migrant work-seekers, constantly on the move. You can tell that he is aware of this fact every time he steps into his studio, because speaking musically, for him the sa...


Jamie Odell aka Jimpster and Audiomontage has been producing, remixing and DJing for the last 20 years and co-running his Freerange Records (voted Best British Label 2007) for the last 15 of...


Love of cinema was combined with his years of DJ experience to create a pastiche of pop-culture that is visually stimulating and danceable at the same time.

Martin Horger

Imagine Bassmusic, with an analogue soul, coming straight from themotherland of Electro. Sounds good? Well, that ́s Marten.


rnrnrnJuwee, FxFarmer and Bobby Kudlicz are three bassmusic heads from the south of Germany.

Rene LaVIce

A DJ, producer and film maker, Rene LaVice is without doubt one of the hottest drum & bass producers in the North American scene.


Hailing from the world famous ski town of Whistler, this dynamic duo is just as comfortable shredding fresh power on the mountain as they are smashing out hit records in the studio.  Th...


It’s a standard formula for world domination and DJ Czech is sticking to it well.


Starting off as a Hip Hop DJ in 98’, Stylust Beats quickly got into the production game. While spending many years exploring many genres, finding his own sound and honing his craft, St...


Blue Lunar Monkey started playing the keyboard at the young age of thirteen, eventually moving onto the guitar which would later inspire him to make his own band.


As a respected artist in the electronic music scene for over a decade, Canadian DJ/ Vocalist Saratonin is now emerging to the masses as an enticing voice unmatched and pure. Her vocals are f...


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